Banana OG is a classic retake strain OG Kush crossed with the newest Banana genetics. The flowers are bright green and dense. These buds will stick to your fingers and leave sprinkles of crystals wherever you leave them, so make sure to not lose any.Banana OG will develop a large main cola, topping a stem filled with multiple bud sites, average node spacing, and some light side branches. Banana OG responds well to SCROG or LST. She tends to stretch in the last weeks of vegetative state so watch out. She is a hefty producer and will do even better with the adequate dosage of water and nutrients. Overall an easy-going, sturdy plant that’s forgiving to newbies of mistakes and pros looking for staple classic genetics.

BREEDER/BRANDMaster Sensei GeneticsPRODUCT TYPESeeds THCGENETICSOG Kush x Banana BlazeVARIETY65% Indica / 35% SativaFLOWERING TYPEAutofloweringSEXFeminizedTHC CONTENTUp to 21%YIELD2-9 Oz.HEIGHT 2-4 Ft.GROWSIndoors, OutdoorsFLOWERING TIME75 – 85 days from seedTASTE / FLAVORKush, Pine, Lemon, EarthyEFFECTRelaxing, EuphoricCharacteristics

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