ALIEN QUEEN auto fem 3pk

ALIEN QUEEN auto fem 3pk

ALIEN QUEEN auto fem 3pk

Alien Queen is a highly resinous indica variety that stays short and bushy. She is a great all around strain that will provide excellent results in both quality and quantity departments. She results from a background of Night Queen and Alien OG vs. Triangle Kush. The rich hash aroma and taste of this Afghan Kush will fill the air, she is delicious whether you smoke or vaporize. Alien Queen is preferred for its high levels of THC levels in an autoflowering Afghan Kush variety. She grows well in any grow medium, and like many other indica dominant autoflowering cannabis varieties she is exceptionally easy to grow.

In late bloom the main central bloom stays heavy while the surrounding side blooms swelled with buds and resin. Alien Queen at times will show purple and blue colors during late bloom on the leaves to start the large fan leaves are usually the first parts of the plant to show color. At the end of bloom these color notes will continue onto the buds. This is an appealing varietal with a powerful aroma, attractive colors and a strong flavor. If you are looking for a strong autoflowering cannabis strain which is easy and fast to grow then Alien Queen should be on your wish listBREEDER/BRANDMaster Sensei GeneticsPRODUCT TYPESeeds THCGENETICSNight Queen x AvTVARIETY75% Indica / 25% SativaFLOWERING TYPEAutofloweringSEXFeminizedTHC CONTENTUp to 20-26%YIELD3-8 Oz.HEIGHT 2-4 Ft.GROWSIndoors, OutdoorsFLOWERING TIME65 – 80 days from seedTASTE / FLAVORCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Woody, Diesel, Herbs, Sweet, FloralEFFECTHappy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Hungry, Euphoric, Uplifting

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