3pk Banana Durban

3pk Banana Durban

3pk Banana Durban

3pk Banana Durban package se

Banana Durban an auto version cross of the legendary Durban Poison, originating from the South African city known as Durban and has even offered a role in the creation of the original Girl Scout Cookies. Banana Durban is known for its uplifting, energetic effects and it a great strain to keep you busy during your day. She tends to take longer during vegetative stage than other autos, which can allow her to grow a little taller. The buds grow large and resinous with that special Durban aroma. She will perform well outdoors also. Banana Durban is ideal for anyone seeking a top quality strain which delivers a strong and refreshing experience.


BREEDER/BRANDMaster Sensei GeneticsPRODUCT TYPESeeds THCGENETICSDurban Poison x Banana BlazeVARIETY30% Indica / 70% SativaFLOWERING TYPEAutofloweringSEXFeminizedTHC CONTENTUp to 20%YIELD2-7 Oz.HEIGHT 2.5-4 Ft.GROWSIndoors, OutdoorsFLOWERING TIME75 – 85 days from seedTASTE / FLAVORHerbal, Spicy, Sweet, PineEFFECTEnergetic, Uplifting

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