WICKED WITCH F2 auto fem

WICKED WITCH F2 auto fem

WICKED WITCH F2 auto fem

Wicked Witch Auto F1 (Kerosene Krash Auto x Witch Doctor) 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds Wicked Witch Auto F1. the Kerosene Krash Auto from Dutch Passion made its way on market we knew after growing it out it needed to be crossed to the witch doctor to create a more potent version our signature strain. The goal was to keep the potency of the Kerosene but with the Witch Doctor size and structure. 2 main pheno types the first is tall Christmas tree structure with abundant side branching dense buds that give a good yield. The young growers call it gas and what the more seasoned smokers call skunky aromas throughout this girl. Heavy trichrome coverage and purpling on the leaves and in the buds. The second pheno is medium size still 2-3ft tall with very large dense buds this pheno takes a little more time to finish because the buds can swell to an impressive size. Purple leaves that go almost black in late flower The smoke reported on pheno 1 is Sweet, Sour, and Fruity Flavors linger on the pallet. Heavy Hitter can cause coughing fits will impress even the pickiest of smokers. The second pheno is a smooth creamy kush with hints of vanilla, floral followed by gas/skunk back tones.. Thick smoke tastes like dessert flavors you get from the cookie family strains. The Bubba and Gorilla help creView more details...QuantityAdd to cartNite Blood F3 Auto Fem Limited Drop
$50.005 pack of fem seeds Limited Drop, Full stock Release November 1stView more details...QuantityAdd to cartBubba Trouble F4
$50.00View more details...QuantityAdd to cartTroubled Grape 5 Auto Fem Seeds
$50.00 - $90.00Grape Walker Kush x Bubba Trouble F3
GWKxBT was a side project that was done and released as freebies with the Bubba Trouble strain. Many growers asked when this strain would be back and if it would be come a regular strain, we decided to move forward and keep it around due to the stand out performance, and glowing reviews.View more details...Select5 Pack Fem10 Pack FemSelectQuantityBum Wine Auto fem 5 pack (Retired)
$50.00Bum Wine Auto (also know as Tyronascope) is a flavor to savor for the funk enthusiast.
Bringing together the size and structure with the berry bubblegum flavor of the Hubbabubbasmelloscope and the frosty funky crack vapor of the Tyrone Special results in a funk extravaganza that is unlike any auto on the market. One can expect flavors from a piercing berry/grape wine sweetness with a funky fermented nose clearing alcohol vapor. Airtight containers are highly recommended.
Flowering time will average 65-75 days from sprout.
High in following terpenes: Geraniol, Humulene and TerpineneQuantityAll options are out of stockAdd to cartAdd to cartSmooth Criminal Photoperiod
$75.00 - $120.00Smooth Criminal is the first photo period released by Magic! It Started in 2016 with Twisty Seeds ATF x Mob Boss being taken to F3 and made it his own and named it "Nitti" concluding a 2 year Project. During the F2 run of Nitti a male was used to pollinate an ACE seeds Bubba Hash which is a Katsu Bubba x 90s Hashplant. Offspring from that cross was taken forward to F3 over 2 years of work. The goal was to create a strain that reminds growers of "Golden Day" flavor of cannabis in the 90s, But with modern day potency.
"You've been hit by, You Been Struck By..."
Smooth Criminal is easily oneSelect5 fem pack10 reg packSelectQuantityAll options are out of stockAdd to cartWitch Doctor F5 Auto Fem
$60.00 - $100.00Smells like Hash and hand soap with a slight sweet background, a lot different from your “normal” bubba aromas of coffee and earth but all the same effects on the body. Too much of the Doc and you may think you need to see a real doctor! All though the main effect is a calming and relaxing sensation, overdue it and you will feel the power of the kush.
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Genetics: Bubba Kush Auto x Bubba Kush Auto
Genotype: Indica Dom
Flowering Time: 70 – 80 Days
Yield: 1+ ounces per 3 gal medium
THC Testing: 21.09% (In House)
Height: 2ft-2.5ft| 60-76 cmView more details...Select5 Pack Fem10 Pack FemSelectQuantityAll options are out of stockJogi Og Auto Fem 5 Pack
$50.00View more details...QuantityAll options are out of stockAdd to cartLandlocked Funk Auto Fem 5 Pack (Retired)
$50.00For our fourth creation we’d like to introduce Landlocked Funk. As long time fans of the classic skunk strains we felt we could add to the amazing selection of skunk genetics by crossing a Lost Coast Skunk from HSO with our Nami. The plan was to reinvigorate the depth of the skunk by adding a level of funk to the mix. This blend exceeded our expectations.
Genetics: Lost Coast Skunk x Nami
Plant height: medium to large
Sprout to harvest: 70-75 days
5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds per Pack!QuantityAll options are out of stockAdd to cartNurple Auto Fem
$50.001. Green leaf which switches to new dark purple leafage when entering flower with purple calyxes.
2. Green leaf with purple flower.
3. Green leaf with green flower.
All of these are densely covered with a carpeting of trichomes. A grape pixie stick sugar candy smell during flower will be found amongst all phenos.
Lineage: BlackBerry Kush x Nami
Harvest: 8-9 weeks
Yield: 1+ ounce
Size: Medium
THC: HighQuantityAll options are out of stockAdd to cart

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